A day in the life of a HS English teacher…

5: alarm


5:10: alarm

Thought: “Do I really need to work? Nah”

6:15: drive to work

7:20: make a few jokes about Mondays on the way to the classroom

7:45: Advisory, announcements, attendance, emails, yearbook

8–10: senior project presentations.

10:05: break, walk for coffee, yearbook, eat, drink more coffee

11: SAT prep

12: inclusion class, modifications, deescalations, differentiation

1: quick “lunch” email, grade, shovel snacks in the mouth

2:30 bell, another presentation, cry

3:15: drive home



…who is also a mom

All day: hope kids are okay, texts husband re: child #2 (sick last weekend)

4:45: pick up kid #2 from daycare

5:30: home, pick up kid #1 from grandparents’ house

5:45: drink coffee while answering emails

6:30: start dinner

6:37: break up a fight over a toy

6:43: ignore the crying until it stops

7: dinner

8: showers, bedtime stories, bathroom trip “one last time”

9: bed

9–10:30: catch up with partner, social media/tv

11: sleep

Happy #teacherappreciationweek. You all rock.